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South Tampa             

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   Kinley, 6 mths

                               What your child will learn:

                                    6 to 12 months

       - Hold their breath underwater 

      - Rotate from a face down position to a float 

      - Float unassisted, rest and breathe 

      - Perform these ISR Self-Rescue™ skills first in

        a swim
 diaper, then fully clothed


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 12 months to 6 years

- Hold their breath underwater

- Swim with their head    
using arms and legs

- Roll onto their back to  
rest, and breathe

- Resume swimming to
 side of the pool

- Perform these ISR Self-Rescue™  
first in a swim  
suit, then 
  fully clothed.

ISR is the safest provider of swimming lessons for children 6 months-6 years of age.

ISR Self-Rescue™ swim lessons go beyond traditional swim
instruction by teaching children how
to survive in water if they found themselves there alone.

 Content copyright 2014.angel zysk. all rights reserved.


                                                  Content copyright 2014.angel zysk. all rights reserved.
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